Camp Holmes (known today as Camp Bado Dangwa the home of PRO CORDILLERA) was proclaimed as a military reservation on November 1929 by Government General Leonard Wood occupied by US Army Units. In 1930, when the US Army started to recruit Filipino males with at least 20 years old for the Philippine Army, they converted the Camp into a Signal Training Camp for the Philippine Army from 1930-1935. Capt Joaquin Hidalgo was then the Commanding Officer.

When the late Major BADO DANGWA died in March 18, 1976. Lt. Col. ROGELIO AGUANA was the incumbent Commanding Officer of Camp Holmes. He then passed a proposal for the change of Camp Holmes to Camp Bado Dangwa in honor of Major BADO DANGWA for his remarkable contribution during the World War II and as a public servant. Major Dangwa became a legend during the Japanese occupation when he organized the 12th Infantry which was later integrated into the famous 66th Infantry Regimen, USAFIP, NL. He was honorably discharged as a Major. He had been a Congressman for Mountain Province in two terms after his discharge in the military service.

Immediately after the February 1986 Revolution, the government drafted a new Constitution which was subsequently ratified by the people in a succeeding plebiscite. The Constitution is now known as the duly ordained and promulgated 1987 Constitution of RP. Section 6 of Article XVI of the same Constitution provides that the state shall establish and maintain one Police Force which shall be national in scope and civilian in character. This provision led to the passage of RA 6975, otherwise known as the PNP Law, which eventually led to the creation and activation of the PNP. Originally, there were 12 RECOMs under the former PC/INP. At the time, PRO-CAR was then under RECOM 1 while the provinces of Apayao, Ifugao and Kalinga were under RECOM 2.

However, Section 1 of Article 10 of the Constitution provides that there shall be an autonomous region to be created in the Cordilleras. Hence, on July 15, 1987, EO 220 was issued by Pres. Corazon Cojuangco Aquino creating CAR. To satisfy the provisions of Section 6 of this EO, the GHQs of the AFP issued GO 209 on April 17, 1989 which provided for by the constitution and activation of the RECOM. Thus, the PNP RECOM was tasked to maintain peace and order in the Cordillera Region, particularly in the provinces of Abra, Apayao, Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga and Mt. Province including Baguio City which is the lone chartered City in the Region.

In the passing of years and in consonance with the effort to civilianize the Police Service, the PNP CRECOM to PRO-CAR is known today as PRO Cordillera. The Philippine Constabulary (PC) (Filipino: Konstabularyo ng Pilipinas) (KP) was the oldest of the four service commands of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. It was a para military police force of the Philippines established in 1901 by the United States-appointed administrative authority. It was integrated and replaced by the current Philippine National Police on the 29th of January, 1991.