CY 2017 PO1 Attrition Recruitment Program is now OPEN! You may now REGISTER (if you don’t have an account) or LOG-IN (for those who already have an account) at

Important Reminders:

1. Use the name and birth date indicated in your Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Birth Certificate to avoid disqualification. Do not put “.” or spaces in between your name just so you can register. Any discrepancy between your registered name and birth certificate shall automatically cause your disqualification. Double check your information before clicking “Submit.”
2. If you get a “Name Already Exist” error, go to your nearest Recruitment Office for HELP! (DO NOT CREATE A FALSE INFORMATION ACCOUNT)
3. All date FORMAT is e.g. (mm/dd/yyyy) or 01/01/1990. DO NOT USE January 1, 1990 or anything other than what is given.
4. Do not put “%” in rating and “kg” in weight.
5. Convert your height from feet to meter e.g. (for 5’ 4” = 1.62) not 162.
6. To those previously registered accounts that have “WRONG” NAME, MIDDLE NAME, SURNAME or BIRTHDATE, register again using your REAL NAME, we already deleted all inactive accounts. Create a new email address (preferably GMAIL) and register.
7. Lower the resolution of your scanned documents to avoid error in the end of your online application.
8. For those who failed in PAT/BMI on the previous recruitment cycle, you can still apply in this cycle.
9. For those who failed in PPE on the previous recruitment cycle, please do not attempt. You may only apply six months after your last PPE. If found out you will be permanently banned from applying into the PNP.

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Source: RSD DPRM Facebook Page