PROCOR CAMP BADO DANGWA: PROCOR strongly condemns the lawless and treacherous actions perpetrated by the NPA under the Chadli Molintas Command who destroyed the properties with the use of explosives and the wounding one member of the Philippine Army and a civilian at around 10:50PM of June 7, 2017 at the vicinity dam area of Lepanto Mining Corp in Makayan Benguet.

The incident was relayed to the Police through phone call by a concerned citizen informing that the chemical and mineral laboratory owned by Xian Jinrui Lianliungang, located at Cabatuan, Colalo, Mankayan, Benguet and Dam 5 Gate were under attack followed by a firefight between the alleged NPA members and personnel from the 54th IB, 5th ID, Philippine Army based thereat.

In response, personnel of Mankayan MPS led by PCI Ronnie O Albino together with members of Benguet PPSC led by PSUPT Edward Aquintey proceeded to Cabatuan, Colalo, Mankayan by foot and arrived thereat at around 4:00 AM of June 8, 2017. They conducted clearing operations and discovered a newly built municipal structure, one backhoe owned by Brgy. Charman Ambino Padawi and a floating machine for processing copper owned by Mr. Jian Lianlungang which were all destroyed with the use of unidentified explosives.

Initial investigation conducted revealed that the armed men and an amazon arrived in the area and exploded said equipment with the use of explosives.

The Chief Security of Lepanto Mining Division informed the police that one (1) Lime Mixing Plant and one Bulldozer owned by Flores Construction were destroyed by explosives while two unexploded bombs were left in the Bulldozer and Backhoe.

Testaments of the two Security Guards posted at Dam 5 Gate and Quarry Area narrated that the suspects approached them and took their hand-held radio with charger, hunting knife and pistol holder and tied them with a packing tape. Later, they exploded the bomb that was planted on the Backhoe and the CIP (Carbon In Pulp) facility located in Cabatuan, Colalo, Mankayan, Benguet then identified themselves as NPA to the guard posted at the Quarry Area.

They also fired upon the six members of the Philippine Army who were deployed at the Dam 5 Field Office that led to a short firefight. As a result, PFC Arthur Bag-ay, 38, a native and a resident of Gobgob, Tabuk, Kalinga sustained minor injury at his nape caused by shrapnel while Mr. Jerson Guisguiswoang Awini, 26, detox operator and a resident of Paalaban, Paco, Mankayan, Benguet was accidentally hit by an astray bullet on his right thigh. Awini was brought to Lepanto Hospital but later referred to the Luis Hora Hospital in Abatan, Bauko, Mt. Province and is now in stable condition.

Caretaker of the Carbon In Pulp Facility also added that the armed men were looking for Mr. Ambino Padawi. Despite the plea of the caretaker not to destroy the CIP because it is the only source of their living, the rebel group went on and destroyed said facility as it was the property of Mr. Ambino Padawi.

Members of New People’s Army (NPA) admitted that they are responsible for the destruction of heavy equipment and structures at Lepanto Mining Corporation through the press release of the Chadli Molintas Command. Citing that it is their retribution to the big mining companies and government for protecting mining companies.
The issues brought out by the terrorist group in their press release is obviously a cheap propaganda on their part and would only like to re-exploit old and recycled unfounded issues to seek sympathy from the reading public.

The attack is a desperate move of the terrorist organization to get rid of the AFP troops that had been very effective in countering the NPA/CPP/NDF activities in the said mining area.
Once again, they have proven their modus which is to sow terror if only to pursue their lawless purpose, contrary to their claim of protecting the people.

Continuous investigation and intensified information gathering is on-going to determine the identities of the assailants for their possible arrest and neutralization.
PROCOR assures the public that security measures are implemented to ensure the safety of all potential targets including government vital installations, power lines, private companies and threatened municipal police stations to ensure that they are adequately manned by security personnel.

PROCOR appeals to the public to be extra vigilant at all times and are encouraged to foster and uphold the spirit of volunteerism by providing timely information and support the various law enforcement agencies to win the war against terrorism and lawlessness.

Let us be alert, vigilant and strongly condemn the activities of this lawless armed group, at the same time join hands with the authorities by reporting relevant and timely information to the nearest police station or thru our hotline number 09998851849, or thru our social media account This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (PROCOR RPIO)