PROCOR CAMP BADO DANGWA: PROCOR denounces the acts of the NPA who continuously recruit minors to be utilized as combatants in their armed struggle as proven by the minor NPA combatant, a 17 year old, student of Mataragan National High School, Malibcong, Abra who was rescued about 9:00 AM of July 6, 2017 thru the joint effort of Boliney PS and the Philippine Army during the previous encounter at Beliney, Abra.

Prior to the rescue of said minor combatant, Boliney PS received a text message from a concerned citizen that a wounded female person took refuge in the house of Mr. Wilson Lawad, at Brgy. Amti, Boliney, Abra. Upon responding, operatives were not able to locate the victim at Mr. Lawad’s area. They informed the pursuing government troops that the minor was transferred at the house of Mr. Dino Tucyapao, a barangay kagawad of Brgy. Amti, Boliney, Abra where they were able to locate and rescue the wounded minor and was immediately brought to Boliney PS.

The rescued minor was then accompanied by the MSWD, WCPD, her parents and other personnel to Abra Provincial Hospital where she is currently undergoing medical tretment.

In an interview with the WCPD personnel, the minor disclosed that she incurred the gunshot wound in her left leg during their encounter with the members of the AFP in Boliney, Abra on July 1, 2017.

The action of the NPA revealed the dwindling number in their ranks and are desperately deceiving minors to join their futile struggle to attain their selfish objectives.

The rescue of the wounded 17 year old minor is a grim reminder that the NPA organization totally disregarded the Declaration of the UN Convention on the rights of a child, and other Philippine Laws for the protection of children.

PROCOR under the leadership of the PCSUPT Elmo Francis Oco Sarona, together with the AFP counterparts are continuously conducting pursuit operations against the NPA involved in the series of encounters in the different provinces of the Cordillera region.

RD Sarona directed all COPs to continuously coordinate with the LGUs and heads of office of government hospitals and private clinics to locate other terrorists who might have been wounded during AFP/PNP operations within AOR.

The public is encouraged to join hands with the authorities in tracking down and limiting the actions the NPA. (PROCOR RPIO)