PROCOR CAMP BADO DANGWA: Police Regional Office Cordillera (PROCOR) has declared three provinces as drug cleared during the celebration of the 116th Police Service Anniversary last Friday (October 6, 2017).

During the occasion, the CPNP, PDG Ronald Dela Rosa awarded the seal of drug-free provinces to Apayao, Ifugao and Mt. Province and signed the pledge of commitment led by their respective governors. Signatories in the pledge were the CPNP, PROCOR Regional Director, PDEA Director, DILG and the different Local Government Units and the Department of Health (DOH). The pledge of commitment stated among others that the said provinces shall maintain their status as drug cleared by supporting the implementation of the different activities and projects of the barangays.

Among the activities is to implement sustainable livelihood projects as a reintegration program to former victims of drugs; conducts counseling activities for the community and to the families of said personalities; conducts lectures, programs on the ill-effects of drug abuse and the implementation of measures towards drug abuse prevention. It is also specified that these drug cleared provinces will continue to pursue intensified and unrelenting campaign against illegal drugs to maintain peace and order in the Cordillera.

The three provinces were able to sustain their drug cleared status since the initial declaration on December 2016.

Today, PROCOR will continuously monitor these three provinces and see to it that measures will be implemented to sustaining their status.

During the press con, PDG Dela Rosa lauded the personnel of PROCOR for a job well done and encouraged all personnel to continue exerting efforts in the war against illegal drugs. (PROCOR RPIO)