PROCOR CAMP BADO DANGWA: PROCOR Regional Director PCSUPT Elmo Francis Oco Sarona led the send-off ceremony for the 309 strong PROCOR personnel this morning to Metro Manila to help in the maintenance of peace and order and security for the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit which is being hosted by the Philippines. The activity started with a holy mass at the Masigasig parade grounds, Camp Bado Dangwa, La Trinidad, Benguet.

The entire force of the Philippine National Police is still in full alert status which means that personnel should prepare and be ready for deployment anytime should situation requires additional personnel thus, all vacation leaves are cancelled.

Most of the 309 personnel came from the Regional Public Safety Battalion(RPSB) led by PSUPT Greg Ammiyao, Deputy Battalion Commander, RPSB.

PROCOR leadership enjoined the contingent to follow orders from their commanding officers, all movements should be covered by orders from authorized officer. He also reminded them of cleanliness, that those who smoke cigarette and chew beetle nut (nganga) should make it a point to dispose off their wastes properly. Another guidance is on maximum tolerance where he advised them to wear their sweetest smiles even if people would shout at them however, if they will harm them, it is their duty to protect themselves as he does not like anybody from the group to be harmed. Finally, he mentioned on the PROCOR battle cry: discipline, commitment, and teamwork.

The Regional Director assured the public that despite this deployment, PROCOR does not keep its guards down and continue to monitor “threat groups” and ready to respond to any emergency situation.(PROCOR RPIO)