PROCOR CAMP BADO DANGWA: PROCOR’s commitment to curb the illegal drug menace and minimize the occurrence of crime incidents resulted in the region’s apparent decrease in crime volume of 35.41% with a reduction of 4,590 incidents.

Based on records, crime volume have gone down from 12,964 incidents in 2016 compared to 8,374 incidents in 2017. Index crimes decreased by 58.10% with a reduction of 2,318 incidents while Non-Index crimes also dropped to 25.32% with a 2,272 incidents decrease.

All the provinces of the region and the city of Baguio displayed a decreasing trend in their total Non-Index Crimes of which the most prevalent incidents fall under the category of Other crimes with a significant decrease of 74,96% which registered a total of 3,964 incidents; it is followed by Violation of RA 9165 with 63.41%; Vehicular Traffic Accidents with 48.35%; Violence Against Women and Children/Child Abuse with 35.34% and recording the least incidents is Illegal Possession of Firearms with 4.21%.

The Crime Solution Efficiency (CSE) has increased to 12.6% in 2017 as records show 70.01% CSE as compared to the 57.41% in 2016.

The notable decrease in crime volume and increase in Crime Solution Efficiency are attributed to the strict and religious implementation of Project Double Barrel and the execution of programs to preempt focus crimes and motor vehicle riding criminals. (PROCOR RPIO)