La Paz 2PROCOR CAMP BADO DANGWA: Two PNP personnel were killed in a hand grenade explosion during the fireworks display in celebration of the town fiesta at La Paz, Abra on January 25, 2018.

At around 1:30 AM, while the people were gathered at the town Plaza of La Paz to witness the fireworks display, an explosion was suddenly heard which coincided with the fireworks display killing PO3 Carlos Baccali Bocaig and PO2 Frenzel Buneng Kitoyan, both members of the Abra PPO PMFC.

Also, wounded were: Congressman Joseph Sto. Niño B. Bernos, his wife, La Paz Mayor Menchie B. Bernos; Acting Chief of Police of La Paz MPS PSI Apdilon C Galong, PO2 Richard Basiag, 41 who is assigned at Danglas MPS, Barangay captain Darroll Azdi B. Gonzales, 32; Marc Rowjan Beronilla, 24, a resident of Poblacion, La Paz, Abra; Diosdado Mina, 18, cameraman; resident of South Poblacion, Bucay, Abra; Jayson Bernabe T. Zales, 35, a resident of North Poblacion, Bucay, Abra;Ryan Jun Camacho Marasan, 37, a resident of Zone 3, Bangued, Abra;Benedicto Doque Jr., 32, a resident of Brgy Talogtog, Dolores, Abra;Eva Marie Panagtay Sales, 38, a resident of Poblacion, Peñarrubia, Abra;Juanito Zales, 37, a resident of Brgy Siblong, Bucay, Abra; Aira Cortez, 17 years old, native of Dolores, Abra; and Leyze Rose Pe Benito, 23 years old, teacher at Queen of Peace High School, La Paz, Abra, a resident of San Jose Norte, Manabo, Abra.

As per initial investigation, the unidentified suspect possibly joined the crowed then when the fireworks display started, the suspect threw an alleged MK2 fragmentation hand grenades near the stage where the victims stayed as evidenced by the 2 levers of alleged MK2 fragmentation hand grenades which was recovered by the SOCO and EOD teams.

Abra PPO alerted all adjacent municipalities to conduct checkpoint for the possible arrest of the perpetrator while a Regional Special Investigation Task Group (RSITG) headed by DRDO PCSupt Sterling Raymund Blanco is activated to conduct a focused & exhaustive investigation to facilitate the speedy solution of the incident and give justice to all the victims of this heinous crime. Perpetrators are yet to be identified and motive is still to be determined.

PROCOR Regional Director PCSupt Edward E Carranza appeals to the public to be extra vigilant at all times and to foster and uphold the spirit of volunteerism by providing timely information in support to the various law enforcement agencies. Public support is a vital component to win the war against terrorism and lawlessness.

Likewise, he calls to all members of the community to strongly condemn the activities of lawless elements, at the same time join hands with the authorities by reporting relevant and timely information to the nearest police station or thru our hotline number 09998851849, or thru our social media account This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (PROCOR RPIO)