As a result of the continuous suppression of illegal gambling activities and accounting of loose firearms, 6 individuals were nabbed by authorities over the week.
Personnel of La Trinidad Municipal Police Station (LTMPS) arrested four gamblers who were caught in the act playing lucky nine at the Billiard Hall near Central, Buyagan, Poblacion, La Trinidad, Benguet in the night of August 1, 2018.
Arrested gamblers were identified as Rex Manman Amolot, 35, a resident of Central Buyagan, La Trinidad, Benguet; Paul Manman Amolot, 28, a resident of Western Buyagan, La Trinidad, Benguet; Norman Bugtong Igualdo, 23, and a resident of Central Buyagan, La Trinidad, Benguet; and Ferdinand Gama-as Bagtila, 27, farmer,  a resident of Central Buyagan, La Trinidad, Benguet.
Recovered during the operation are 52 pieces of playing cards and bet money amounting to ₱1,200.00 in different denominations.
Another suspect for illegal gambling operation was identified as Alma Adams, of legal age, a resident of City Camp Central, Baguio City who was arrested inside her residence on the night of August 4,2018. The arrest was made during the implementation of search warrant. Seized during the operation were 3 sets of 144 pieces of mahjong tiles; 6 pieces of dice; 32 pieces yellow chips; 19 pieces red chips; 64 pieces green chips;  2 sets of 52 piece playing cards; 2 sets of wooden tables; and 6 pieces monoblock chairs.
Meanwhile, a 60 year old retired Philippine Army identified as Rodrigo R. Pagaduan was arrested in his residence at Bantay, Tabuk City, Kalinga in the morning of August 4, 2018 during the implementation of a search warrant issued by Judge Victor A. Dalanao, Presiding Judge of MTCC, 2nd Judicial Region, Tabuk City, Kalinga. Confiscated during the  operation were:  One (1) caliber 9mm Beretta Pistol; Sixteen (16) live ammunition for caliber 9mm; One (1) caliber .45 Llama, and Ten (10) live ammunition for Cal. 45. 
PROCOR leadership directed all the personnel to aggressively continue on its campaign against illegal gambling and accounting of loose firearms. (PROCOR RPIO)