Camp Bado Dangwa, La Trinidad, Benguet – As Christmas day is fast approaching, joint forces of the Benguet police and PDEA-CAR continue to gain headway in its relentless drive in combating the proliferation of illegal drugs following the successive eradication of fully grown marijuana plants during the  one-day marijuana eradication operation in Kibungan town.

Combined elements of Kibungan MPS, PIB and PDEU- Benguet PPO and PDEA-CAR were able to eradicate marijuana plants with a general total Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) value of Php410,000.00 worth of fully grown marijuana plants on December 14, 2019.

Said operating teams discovered the plantation sites with a total land area of more or less 290 square meters planted with 1,450 fully grown Marijuana plants with a total estimated Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) value of P290,000.00 in Sitio Adaway, Tacadang, Kibungan.

In another place of operation, same operatives discovered a land area of 120 square meters at Sitio Bagiw, Tacadang, Kibungan planted with 600 fully grown Marijuana plants with a total market value of P120,000.00.

The illegal plants were uprooted and burned at the sites and no cultivators were found during the operation.

Cordillera Regional Police Director, PBGEN Israel Ephraim T Dickson, said that PROCOR police are optimistic and serious in unrelenting campaign against illegal drugs and this recent operation will serve as a warning to all those who engage in the cultivation of illegal drugs.(PROCOR RPIO)