Camp Major Bado Dangwa, La Trinidad, Benguet – With the renewed hostilities following the recent shooting incident which resulted in the wounding of a Betwagan resident, PROCOR pleaded for ceasefire of armed hostilities between Butbut and Betwagan tribe during a peace dialogue presided by PBGEN R’WIN S PAGKALINAWAN on Friday, January 8, 2021.

The peace dialogue pushed through despite the reported shooting incident on January 3, where a 68-year old Betwagan farmer sustained gunshot wound on his left thumb when they were fired upon at Sitio Bobong, Betwagan, Sadanga by unidentified assailants while on their way to bring food supplies to their tribesmen guarding their tribal boundary. In a report from the Bauko MPS, the victim subsequently sought medical assistance at the Luis Hora Memorial Regional Hospital at Abatan, Bauko.

During the dialogue, both tribes represented by the Punong Barangays of Betwagan and Bugnay and tribal elders brought out their sentiments regarding the issues on their boundary dispute. PBGEN PAGKALINAWAN encouraged them to resolve their dispute through traditional means. He proposed to both parties to agree on a Sipat and to come up with their respective sipat holder.

Hon. Gabino P. Ganggangan, Municipal Mayor of Sadanga, who attended as guest during the activity, also reiterated that both tribes need agree to a ‘Sipat” to further advance the peace dialogues.

After more than three hours dialogue, tribal representatives agreed to a stop of armed hostilities and drafted rules on the ceasefire. The Punong barangays also agreed on Sipat after consulting their barangay constituents. These will be the key points for discussion on the succeeding dialogue. (PROCOR PIO)