Camp Major Bado Dangwa, La Trinidad Benguet – PROCOR Cops and troops of the Philippine Army recovered an arms cache hidden in a cave at Sitio Bagumbong, Brgy. Calafug, Conner, Apayao.

Citing reports submitted to the Regional Director, PBGEN RONALD OLIVER LEE  disclosed that joint elements from Apayao PPO, RIU 14, RMFB15, SAF, and Philippine Army immediately launched an operation after receiving an information from a concerned citizen regarding the presence of a firearm cache which was left by alleged CTGs of KLG Baggas under Marcial Daggay Command.

Operatives scoured the said area and discovered a firearm cache placed inside a sack, this contains two (2) pieces US Carbine Cal .30 M2;  thirteen (13) pieces Live ammo of M203; eight (8) pieces M203 ammo case; two (2) pieces bandolier of Garand; one (1) piece bandolier of M203; eight (8) pieces cartridge clip for Garand; 29 pieces live ammos of carbine; one (1) piece magazine of carbine;  155 pieces live ammo of Garand (7.62mm); 45 pieces live ammo of M14 (7.62mm); three (3) pieces live riffle grenade; three (3) pieces riffle grenade case;  one (1) piece live 81mm mortar; one (1) piece smoke grenade; 14 pieces live 9mm specialized ammo; one (1) piece 9mm ammo case; one (1) piece small box of gun parts and accessories.

The seized firearms were inventoried and documented, after which these were turnover to Apayao Provincial Crime Laboratory Office (PCLO) for ballistic examination while the explosives were turnover to Apayao Provincial EOD/ Canine Unit (PECU). (PROCOR-PIO).