To check on the welfare and morale of personnel from the lower units, PROCOR’s Regional Director, PBGEN RONALD OLIVER LEE accompanied by PCOL REYNALDO S OGAY JR, Provincial Director of Apayao PPO, personally visited Kabugao MPS in Apayao on July 20, 2021.

Reiterating compliance and utmost commitment with the PNP’s Intensified Cleanliness Policy (ICP), PBGEN LEE, inspected the completeness & overall bearing of personnel, organization of offices & facilities, and cleanliness of the station & its surroundings.

Afterwards, PBGEN LEE gave his guidance to the personnel, giving emphasis on the continuous & strict observance of the Minimum Public Health Standards in the workplace and during public engagements to prevent infection & spread of COVID-19. Further, in relation to CPNP’s directive on ICP, he advised the personnel to maintain the orderliness of the station and practice station beautification as a habit. (PROCOR-PIO)