Continuing anti-illegal gambling operations of Abra PPO and CIDG Abra resulted in the arrest of 27 individuals for violation of PD 1602 at Barangay Angad, Bangued, Abra on September 13, 2021.

Based on reports submitted to PBGEN RONALD OLIVER LEE, Regional Director, the arrested suspects were identified as Roderick Bayle Sabalo, 38; Christina Carino Villastiqui, 53; Bernabe Brosas, 48; Gemelyn Pablio Potolin, 37; Mila Blanza Tiogalbo, 58; Manuel Bello Benabese, 35; Alberto Blanza Barila, 53; Regina Benabese Baronia, 35; Lorena Bernal Barila, 42; Alfredo Ancheta Villastiqui, 66; Robelyn Barila Tacis, 39; Irene Villastiqui Bandin, 40; Evelyn Buen Tabaniag, 35; Fernando Pacano Barila, 30; Conception Guerra Blanza, 65; Nora corpuz Zapatero, 55; Janice Zapatero Bello, 30; Mary Grace Barila, 18; Maricar Lyn Bayquen Bulda, 19; Julie ann Peralta Barila, 20; Hilda Bolda Valeros, 37; Femia Villastiqui, 23; Jonalyn Pirmejo Villastiqui, 20; Judy Pirmejo Villastiqui, 24; Joyce Barila Borillo, 41; and two minors all residents of Barangay Angad, Bangued, Abra.

The same report disclosed that the suspects were caught in the act of playing card game (tong-its), bingo, and mahjong at the said place.

During the operation, the operatives were able to confiscate the bet money amounting to Php 2,581.00 in different denominations, five (5) sets of playing cards, one (1) set of mahjong, one (1) mahjong case, 36 pieces chips, one (1) pair of dice, bingo set, and bingo card.

The arrested suspects were brought to Abra Provincial Hospital for medico-legal examination and subsequently to Bangued MPS together with the confiscated pieces of evidence for documentation while a case for violation of PD 1602 (Illegal Gambling) is being prepared against them. (PROCOR-PIO)