A total of 31 individuals identified as supporters of the Communist Terrorist Groups (CTG) officially withdrew their support to the CTG and pledged their allegiance to the government in a simple ceremony held at Brgy Duagan, Tadian, Mountain Province in the morning of November 19, 2021. 

The denouncement ceremony was facilitated by Mountain Province Police Provincial Office (PPO), Regional Mobile Force Battalion 15 (RMFB15), Regional Intelligence Unit 14 (RIU14), and the Philippine Army. 

As part of the program, the 31 CTG supporters from Brgy Duagan officially denounced their support to the CTG as they took their Pledge of Allegiance to the government officiated by the Municipal Mayor of Tadian, Hon. Johnson W. Balaoas, and witnessed by the representatives from the Municipal Local Government Unit, barangay officials of Brgy Duagan, faculty members and staff of Duagan Elementary School, and some residents in the area. 

According to Tadian Municipal Police Station (MPS), the withdrawal of support  to CTG was made possible through the relentless efforts and continuous negotiations conducted by joint elements of PROCOR and the Philippine Army. 

In the message of Hon. Balaoas, he reiterated to the community the resolution regarding the non-support of the barangays to the members of CPP-NPA-NDF since they are declared Persona non Grata in their community. 

He further urged his constituents to report any illegal activities happening in their midst as it is everyone’s concern and responsibility to safeguard the welfare of their community. 

Further, in the message of PLTCOL WILLIAM B WILLIE, the Deputy Provincial Director for Operations of Mt Province PPO, he emphasized the importance of preventive measures so that the community will not be deceived by the false advocacies of the CTG. He also challenged everyone to persuade their acquaintances who were already recruited by the CTG to return to the folds of the law.(PROCOR-PIO)