Did you know that the 19th day of November every year was established as the World Toilet Day?

On November 19, 2001, the World Toilet Organization was founded by the United Nations Generals Assembly and since then, the World Toilet Day was set to be celebrated every 19th of November.

This celebration aims to raise awareness of the 3.6 billion people living without access to safely managed sanitation and when some people in a community do not have safe toilets, everyone’s health is threatened. Further, poor sanitation contaminates drinking-water sources, rivers, beaches and food crops, spreading deadly diseases among the wider population.

As their part in celebrating the World Toilet Day, Police Regional Office Cordillera has also taken part in engaging in activities that will foster the needs and address the issues in connection with the establishment of toilets and promoting sanitation for the Cordillera community.

As PROCOR recognizes the value of toilets, especially to the sanitation and health of its constituents, PMA CLASS 1992 “TANGLAW- DIWA” led by PBGEN RONALD OLIVER LEE, PROCOR Regional Director, and PBGEN STEVE BENTEKAN LUDAN, PRO 2 Regional Director, spearheaded the construction of a communal comfort room in Brgy Babanoy, Tanudan, Kalinga that benefited three (3) barangays of Tanudan, namely: Brgy Babanoy, Brgy Upper Lubo, and Brgy Lower Lubo.

Further, police officers of 2nd Kalinga Provincial Mobile Force Company (PMFC) have constructed public comfort rooms in Brgy Uma and Brgy Mabilong, both in Lubuagan, Kalinga, while police officers of 2nd Benguet PMFC also built a public restroom in Sitio Bongo, Brgy Basil, Tublay, Benguet. (PROCOR-PIO)